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General director's column

Hello everyone!
I can't help but share my experience of fighting Covid, since my family and I got sick. Thank God, we all got off cheaply.
I will not describe the symptoms here, just read the sources from the Internet,

watch Malysheva show and the talking head with the speaking surname Gordon (sorry for the tautology), who at first amicably explained that Covid is no worse than a sneeze in spring or short-term diarrhea, which is difficult to be compatible with this very sneeze, and now they say how bad and scary it is. This is normal. Where have you seen a real journalist in our time? The credo of modern public observers: there are none so blind as they who won't see. The more ridiculous - the more money and respect you get. Conscience is an atavism just like an appendix, you don't pay for it, but you can hide behind sunglasses from watching all this absurd. Pay attention to how many bespectacled people are in the zombie box.
I was glad that medicine works. Doctors come on time. Analyzes are taken. Treatment is prescribed. We live outside the city, my mother-in-law was evacuated to Moscow, but managed to get infected from me. She is taken care of, treated, and free medicines are brought to her. They took me to a CT scan. The error of the tests towards false negative is high: my wife has a negative one with absolutely similar symptoms up to a complete loss of smell. Ask the Gordons for the exact figures of the error tests, they know everything. The number of cases is significantly underestimated, not because someone is deliberately lying, but because there are actually more cases than registered. In my immediate environment, out of 12 people who have been ill, only I and my mother-in-law are officially counted. The rest took tests and did CT scans in paid clinics and voluntarily stayed at home for self-isolation, without getting into any official statistics. Use simple mathematics: we are exactly 2 times less than Americans, their medicine is many times better than ours, tests can be passed on every corner, and they do not have Golikova. Take their data on the number of cases and divide it in half. This will be similar to our real numbers. There is also good news: in my inner circle, including these 12 people, no one died. That is, the number of deaths per 1000 people in reality is much lower than in official statistics.
In short: there are no questions to the doctors. With such an influx of sick people, everything works more or less. I experienced it myself. There are bureaucratic problems. Those who communicated with the sick, which became clear later than the fact of communication, are put into quarantine for two weeks with the practical impossibility of obtaining an official sick leave, which has not been canceled in large serious companies.
We got some perks from the state after all: I received an allowance for my youngest minor son, I get wonderful dry rations for large families in a Moscow school, one of my daughters is on quite a decent unemployment benefit from Sobyanin. We received 137,000 rubles of an irrevocable loan for a company in Sberbank. Particularly pleasing is the decrease in personal income tax to 15%. Thanks to everyone to whom I pay taxes and who cares about me somehow!
There is another thing that makes me mad. In our country, only those people who know how to do the splits can live well. Let me explain:
• In the first wave of the pandemic, it was promised that the tax authorities would minimize the number of inspections. The president himself promised it. During this period of time, we received 7 (!) letters from them, which must be answered in time. With hundreds of clients and subcontractors in logistics, counter checks, requests to provide some kind of piece of paper, to prove that you are not a camel is a common thing, over the 10 years of our existence we have done this thousands of times. But why in the midst of a pandemic? For my chief accountant, a mother of two children, this is at least 7 working days in the office, where you need to go through a ton of documents, scanning, writing answers and I need to come to sign all this crap and take it to the tax authorities. It's good that she lives in the Korolev city and the office is in Mytishchi. We simply wouldn't have got to Moscow without passes. Now, in the midst of the second wave, the story is the same: there are 5 letters from the tax office. Hey! We all are supposed to work remotely! Drink some wine, watch TV, smoke bamboo! Leave us alone! Let us survive in peace!
• Neither logistics nor the wholesale of spare parts were quarantined. Trade includes daily shipments, a bunch of documents in the original with a blue seal, etc. How to do this remotely? It is possible to push one or two working days, but it will not work at all not to appear in the office. Both I and a number of colleagues came to work for several hours every day. It's good that three of them were ill but no one died, otherwise they could have jailed me?
• The Federal Law No. 115 on combating money laundering came out. Maybe it is essential, someone knows better what we need. But why exactly in the midst of a pandemic? Previously, you did not think of it, but now you have little patience? The bank requested from a number of foreign partners fresh extracts from the trade register, not older than 6 weeks, which is contrary to international rules, since they are all dated January 2020. Just in case, they disconnected us from on-line payments. While we collect these extracts with apostilles, translate and certify them with a notary, only I can go with a bundle of payments to the bank. But I'm sick with Covid!
Do you understand my metaphor with the word "split" I used above? Then exercise yourself!
"It will pass, this too shall pass," said Solomon. We will survive, defeat everyone and everything, including Covid. The only pity is that not thanks to, but as always in spite of.
Be strong, do not indulge in despondency, take care of your health!