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General director's column

Dear ladies and gentlemen!
The glasses rang, pineapples in champagne were eaten, hard-working days came. We are waiting for an interesting year, this beautiful figure-2020-is very tempting. Let's hope for beautiful things and beautiful numbers in the annual balance. One of my German colleagues, who are far over 60, is not so optimistic: according to his system, every crisis repeats with an interval of about 12 years.

Those. the way out of the crisis and prosperity await us no earlier than 2026.It will suit me, this year I have a big anniversary! But money is needed today, and every penny is given with increasing difficulty.
We have added several new services. We are actively developing the Indian direction. The growth in trade between Russia and India is only a matter of time. China is beginning to deflate, the bulk of plans is hindered by long-term practice: "one family – one child" and as a result-the wildest gender inequality, leading to a further reduction in the country's population. The cost of labour has grown at times, India has become more interesting both in terms of quality and in terms of price. Honestly, I do not want to see anything Chinese even in everyday life: the bulbs burn out instantly, beautiful belts not made of leather, but of cardboard, torn in one day. Watch videos on plastic rice, cabbage, and fish and also think about Chinese cuisine. This year we plan to open two full-fledged consolidation points X - LOG Ltd in the ports of Mundra and Mumbai. Our company www.x-mag.pro will be one of the largest consumers of this LCL service. There are subcontractors and third-party consumers.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t work through St. Petersburg, we do everything in Lithuania and we can guarantee the shipment of 200 kg from anywhere in India to anywhere in the EU and EAC countries. Unfortunately, our government (I hate talking about politics!)does everything to ruin domestic logistics. This also applies to the cost of imported trucks + taxes on their maintenance, and draconian prices in Russian ports, and the destruction of the Institute of Customs Warehouses, which were successfully opened in the Baltic States and Poland for the needs of Russian customers.
I propose to name the current year the year of humour and optimism!
Only this still keeps us afloat.

Yours sincerely,
Anatoly Gutynin.