General director's column - 2014-11-18

Our new brand was born not in the best time. Logistics and transport companies have never experienced such difficulties: there is nothing to carry, there is nothing to represent before customs inspectors...

The market felt by 50% in the fourth quarter of last year and in 2014 this decline continued because of the collapse of native currency, civil war in Ukraine, sanctions on both sides Europe and Russia and etc. It is sanctions that led to separation with German partner and renamed our company to X - LOG, although we are friends and still cooperate with LOXX Gmbh.
Why X - LOG? Action Team made this decision based on our principles: not to fight with number but with skill. So we have a small team where everyone is worth a lot. (Born in 2010 we have completed with a turnover of 230 million rubles in 2013). So the first message - originality, refusal of templates which to some extent is reference to X-men. The second - a permanent investments in modern IT-technology. Our customers do not write applications. Each shipment, truck or container status is electronically tracked. We do not send them CMR, BOL, declarations and so on. All documents are available in electronic archive. This is - X-LOG. And third, we do not seek to develop regional network with our own branches. Instead - we work with reliable partners proven by years . So letter “X” can be regarded as a sign of multiplication and synergy.
It should be noted that this year is my 30th anniversary of continuous operations in logistics! Young and talented audience are beside me. The number of projects is enormous. I hope the phase of survival in Russian economy will be changed by general recovery, on which we all are still dependent despite of charisma, energy and ambitions.
There is a Russian proverb – “A ship will sail the way you name it”
Our vessel is at the sea for five years. We’ve just changed and polished letters under bowsprit: X-LOG Ltd. Everyone is welcome to join us.
Set sail!